Homes and Condos for sale near UCLA

Wednesday, Oct 3

Guide to finding and buying the perfect home near UCLA in Westwood, California LHspaces helps families sell and buy homes near UCLA.  We work with families of new undergraduate students,…

Bartlett Building Historic Lofts

Wednesday, Jul 19

7th Street in Downtown Los Angeles (#DTLA #MoveToDTLA) is a dynamic corridor with a storied history. Spanning four commercial districts (Financial, Jewelry, Theatre, Fashion) 7th Street quickly grew into the…

Broadway Trade Center

Monday, Jul 17

Once a major LA cultural landmark, the Broadway corridor in Downtown Los Angeles (#DTLA #MoveToDTLA), a stretch of retail, restaurant, and event space skimming the Historic Core, Fashion, and Theatre…

Eastern Columbia Building

Tuesday, Jun 27

Designed by architect Claud Beelman, the father of notable LA landmark, the Park Plaza Hotel, the Eastern Columbia Building opened in 1930 as the headquarters for the Eastern Outfitting and Columbia…

Biscuit Company Lofts

Tuesday, Jun 27

Designed by E.J. Eckel, the “Dean of American architects” and founder of distinguished firm of Eckel & Aldrich, the National Biscuit Company building was opened in 1925 as the west…

Top 5 Historic Mills Act Buildings in DTLA

Friday, Jun 16

Enacted in 1972, the Mills Act is perhaps the most important economic incentive program in the state of California for the restoration and preservation of historic buildings. Nowhere is that…

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