Real Estate With Garage

by Karl Kennedy

Garages help sell homes these days. It can be a one-car garage, a two-car garage, or a home with room for three or more cars. It can even be a detached garage. The larger the home, the more garage bays that buyers expect it to have. That’s not to say that a garage is a true selling point. But the absence of a garage is definitely a negative factor to prospective buyers.
A parking pad or a carport is okay, but the lack of a garage can ruin a sale. Many of today’s buyers won’t even consider looking at a home that doesn’t have at least a detached one-car garage.

How a Garage Offers Vehicle Protection

First, and most importantly, a garage is the safest place to keep your car. Having your car in the garage protects it from any sun and rain damage while it is parked. Have you ever seen what happens to a car that was parked outside during a hail storm? It isn’t pretty… at least it isn’t anymore. And what about fallen tree limbs?
Another thing being able to keep your car in a garage does for your car is it protects the car from vandalism. No being egged, no broken outside mirrors, no broken windows, no slashed convertible top, no stolen electronics. And why is it that birds are attracted to just washed and waxed vehicles anyway? For that matter, why do the neighbor kids always hit or kick the ball towards your car?

Additional Garage Values

Do you own a bicycle or a boat? A garage can prevent these valuable items from being damaged or stolen. Motorcycles shouldn’t be kept outside either. They require garage space. When it comes time to wax any motor vehicle or boat, it should be done in a shady spot. A garage is a mighty handy shady spot for this type of chore.
Maybe you just have too much stuff! Things like camping gear, sports equipment, weight lifting equipment, extra furniture, or clothing. Having a garage is a much cheaper option for storing all this “stuff” than having to load it all up and drive it down to a rented storage locker. Your garage doesn’t come with an additional monthly rent payment like a storage locker. According to Kiplinger, 85% of home buyers prefer a garage that will hold a car and that also has an additional storage area.
When it comes to needing an extra room in your home, a garage conversion offers you more square footage at very little expense. You can create a new man cave, an extra bedroom, or even a family room. The cost of completely new home addition is much higher than the cost of the conversion of the square footage that already exists as your garage.

A Custom Outfitted Garage

Particularly in Los Angeles, auto enthusiasts love a well-outfitted garage. Stop dealing with that dark parking space and think about creating a car showroom. A well-designed garage is a significant bonus when it comes to attracting home buyers. Adding work cabinets, shelving, overhead lighting, and beautiful flooring treatments carries a lot of appeal to buyers, especially if they happen to be car enthusiasts. Depending upon the features you want to install, a typical garage makeover can cost as little as $2,000 to $3,000 or it could run into the tens of thousands.
A well-appointed garage helps a home reach its full potential. The garage is no longer just an unfinished space to store cars or other items. Garage aesthetics may cause a homebuyer to decide that your house should be their next home.


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