Hacks to Keep Your Home Cool in California Heat

Have you noticed that it’s hot, and only getting hotter? If you live in California, you don’t need us to tell you that these heatwaves are no joke, and go way beyond discomfort. If you don’t have a central home cooling system, you may be actively searching for ways to keep your home cool. Luckily, you can do numerous things to lower the temperature during the summer months and approach some love of personal comfort.
This list of effective tips for keeping your home cool in the California heat is sure to help anyone, no sweat!

Check the Blinds

Keep those blinds tightly closed during the day to keep unwanted heat from entering your home. Consider investing in blinds that prevent light and heat from getting in, or trap them at the window. Light-filtering and temperature-controlled blinds can do wonders for both your comfort and your AC bill.

Upgrade to Blackout Curtains

Consider upgrading any standard curtains in your home (especially the ones on the sun-facing side) to blackout curtains, which are specifically designed to completely block out sunlight. Blackout curtains can reduce the heat in your home by more than thirty percent, and that light reduction will also raise the comfort level by allowing you more hours of sleep.

Select Breathable Bedding

Breathable or cooling bedding such as cotton or eucalyptus will significantly help your sleep and prevent night sweats. Breathable comforters, pillowcases, and sheets will lower the temperature and night when things really get hot. If you sweat a lot while you sleep or have difficulty sleeping because of the heat, you may find that this is a worthy investment in itself. Breathable bedding, especially cooling pillows, can be a lifesaver during the hot months.

Create Airflow

If you don’t have the convenience of AC, you may want to consider creating a cross breeze by opening up the doors throughout your home. We know that California homes aren’t always the coolest places. Airflow is very important, especially during the afternoon hours, and can make the space feel less restrictive and stale. This is especially effective if you have several fans that can help create this cross breeze.

Keep Yourself Cool

There is only so much you can do to lower the overall temperature of your home, and sometimes you need to take things personally. Sipping on iced beverages, wearing breathable clothing, and taking frequent cold showers can help reduce your temperature. Soak washcloths and towels and put them in the freezer temporarily to apply cool relief to your face, neck, and wrists. Stock up on cold treats that will keep the kids happy and cool, and remember to drink as much water as possible to prevent dehydration.

Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans

This is an easy one to overlook, but you want to make sure that any ceiling fans in your home are modified to rotate counterclockwise. Counterclockwise motions create breezy drafts and help with the cross breeze and cooling from room to room. Most ceiling fans have a setting or switch on them that allows you to change their cycle. Also, make sure you turn on the bathroom fans whenever you take a bath to spread that cool air around that’s generated by the running water.

Change Where You Sleep

Heat rises, and the evenings can be particularly warm. Sleep as close to the ground as possible during the hottest summer months, and sometimes this can mean creating forts for the kiddos or sleeping in different rooms. If your master bedroom is upstairs, consider making yourself a temporary comfortable space downstairs. Open your windows slightly at night to let in cool air while you sleep, and sleep close to your fans.
This can be fun, especially for those with kids, by creating a “sleepover” atmosphere and reducing the tension and frustration of the daily heat.

Change Your Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs generate a lot of heat. They’re old and inefficient, and should be replaced with functional CFL and LED bulbs that both use less power and less heat. Changing all the bulbs in your home to LEDs can greatly reduce the heat emission during the evening. The added discount of saving on power can be utilized in other places of your home, such as investing in heat-reducing blinds or dropping your thermostat a couple of degrees.

Temporarily Change Your Dinner Plans

It’s hot in the kitchen. Grilling or using the oven or stove can generate excess heat, so consider some cooler options for dinner. Cold pasta salads, chicken salad sandwiches, or nice green salads can be delicious options that don’t require a heavy amount of generated heat. Plus, reducing the amount of work will reduce your body temperature and keep you cool.

Check Your Air Conditioner

For those with working air conditioners, set that thermostat to no more than 78 degrees while you’re home, and about ten degrees higher while you’re away to keep your home cool and that power bill down. Setting your thermostat to colder than normal is an added expense and won’t cool your home any faster. Establishing a cool, active climate in your home will stabilize your temperature over time.
We hope this list of hacks to keep your home cool in the California heat helps you during the hot summer months. These heat waves can be grueling, and when you have work in the morning the last thing you want to do is figure out how to get a good night’s sleep. From bedding to blinds, there are more than a few ways here to effectively beat the heat. Don’t forget to schedule those kiddos for a check-up with their local dentist after all the extra cold ice cream and drinks!

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Alison Brown

Alison Brown is the Marketing Strategist at Children’s Dental Fun Zone. Since her childhood, she has been inclined towards oral care as she comes from a family of dental background. She loves spending time with kids and contributes her insights by writing and promoting informative blogs for families to help them adapt to their new homes and localities without any hurdles.


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